One of Norway's leading law firms, BA-HR, approached Brandlab in early 2011 to design a new sign for their new office in Tjuvholmen. During the project startup it became apparent that BA-HR would benefit from an assessment of the brand.

To create a successful brand identity, Brandlab worked closely with BA-HR to first establish a brand strategy that would lay the foundations for the identity. The strategy influenced both the design of the visual and verbal identity, and the communication.


Our goal was to design a visual identity that was bold, confident and elegant. In addition, the graphic language had to be simple and contemporary. The previous logo looked less sophisticated with its various sized lettering and hyphen in the middle. BA-HR's new logo is a custom made typeface with wide, modern lettering. The wordmark was specially designed so that each letter's crossbar was the same height in order to create a clean and stable looking appearance. We also incorporated a new colour palette that consisted of both cold and warm colours as well as a bright orange accent colour that came from parts of the architecture of the new building.

When designing the new communication material such as the corporate brochure, website and recruitment brochure, we focused strongly on ensuring that each element had a consistent look, feel and tone of voice. This was achieved through the choice of colour, photo style, heading and text and helped to ensure that people could easily recognise them as being part of the new BA-HR identity.