Mother India Restaurant

Mother India is Norway’s oldest authentic Indian restaurant, which opened its doors in 1993 by the Sharma family. The restaurant prides itself as still being a family run business and they regard themselves as cultural ambassadors. The new generation wanted to strengthen the restaurants position by improving various elements. One of the first things Brandlab suggested was to emphasise the fact that Mother India is Norway’s oldest authentic Indian restaurant. This gave the designers a great amount of direction. 

Brandlab did a complete revamp of the restaurant branding from the logo to the interior design. The logo is built up by three elements the first is the new symbol which is inspired by indian woodblock and jewellery ornamentation. The second is the new customised wordmark which is based on the font Priori Serif. The font has been chosen because it had some characteristics found in the Devanagari script. This takes us to the third element which is the little golden Indian script which means Restaurant in Hindi. In addition to the logo a few symbols have been developed which highlight the key fact of being the oldest but also incorporating an illustration of the Mother India.

India is a place that has a lot of visual appeal and can be perceived as chaotic. In between the sophisticated and royal Indian design elements Brandlab incorporated collages which give this sense of organised chaos. The collages are a mix of the Sharmas’ family photo album, old indian stamps and photographs. Read Less

Mother india brand identity14Mother india brand identity14
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